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Customer Reviews

Director of Operations, relocatee from the United States

We and specifically I cannot thank you enough for all the help and advice you've given us over the last year. You've made this experience SO much easier and really took the stress out of everything. I think everyone at our company has realized just how great you've been!

HR Global Mobility Specialist, Switzerland

Thank you very much! As always I very much appreciate your support and professional assistance!

Vice President, US ICT Company

I want to say a special thank you to you…to accomplish what we have done, within 3 ½ months of being here, through my very own relocation agent, is more than I expected.

Global Mobility Specialist, Switzerland

As I know that this was only possible due to your personal efforts, I really want to tell you once again: Thank you very much! You are the best relocation agent I ever get to work with!! Amazing

HR Talent Consultant, relocatee from the United States

And thank you again for your help back then – I cannot tell you enough how important your support was to my transition. I will always be grateful to you for that.

CEO, relocatee from Japan

Thank you for your support all the time. Your advice is always second to none

Finance Director, relocatee from France

Ich hatte mich im üblichen Berufsstress noch nicht für Deine Unterstützung diesen Sommer bedankt, daher über diesen Weg recht spät vielen herzlichen Dank! Deine Hilfe war doch, trotz unserer Deutschkenntnisse, erforderlich, und außerdem sehr gut, professionell, persönlich und sehr freundlich

Country Manager, relocatee from Brazil

I just left the apartment today living in a hotel now. Everything was handled by Maria as usual PERFECT style that I am used to. Dankeschön